Myesha Jemison


As a Gates Millennium Scholar and Carl A Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding Fellow, Myesha has explored her passions for higher education, research, and activism. Her commitment to languages has led her to receive Princeton’s African Studies Language Prize and University grants to pursue research around the world. At Princeton, she is concentrating in Spanish and Environmental Science with minors in Portuguese, African American Studies, and African Studies. She is also the founder of Scholourship, a platform for people of color, by scholars of colors, about communities of color, which will be launched summer 2017.

Myesha’s research interests, much like her travels, span across the Diaspora with a special focus on the Caribbean, Latin America, and the African continent. This past summer she spent time investigating constructions of otherism in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, looking historically at Haitian Genocide under Trujillo and presently at Haitian deportation from the Dominican Republic. Her current work focuses on activism in Brazil around the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. In the coming year, she intends to do a comparative study investigating the interactions between traditional and western medicinal practices for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in Luanda, Angola and Maputo, Mozambique and how these interactions have changed over the past 30 years since the first cases were discovered in these two countries. In graduate school she intends to satisfy her interests in medical sciences through an interdisciplinary program that combines social sciences, science, and technology.

In conjunction with her scholarship, Myesha also serves as President of Princeton’s Undergraduate Student Government. This position continues to give her a platform to advocate for meaningful policy and magnify the voices of students who are rarely heard.

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