Wilglory Tanjong


Born in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Wilglory is an academic, scholar, and social justice activist who is majoring in African American Studies. She is a Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America Scholar and is also a part of the Future Global Leaders Fellowship program. This past summer, she was honored alongside her co-author as the United Negro College Fund's "Youth of the Year." At Princeton University, she has dedicated great effort to the black community. As a member of the Black Justice League, she led various endeavors to improve the experiences of minority students on campus. When not doing social justice work, she served on the African Students Association Executive Board and helped to coordinate and plan SANKOFA, an African fashion show, SAKATA, an African dance competition (with DoroBucci, an African dance group she co-founded), and most recently: OKWELE North America, a Cameroonian student academic conference. This past summer, she interned at Facebook in their Global Marketing Solutions division and studied French in Paris.

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